In celebration of OTRS 9th birthday *, the community is pleased to publish the following two News/Stories.

Today's News

User Story V - OTRS, Win32 and me

by Robert Kehl

In 2003, I was searching for a ticket request system to manage my customer relations. Keeping track of all the conversations within the e-mail client I used then (no, I would not tell which one:-) ) had become a real pain - guess where. ;)

The usual suspects from the Closed Source companies were way to expensive even to try them out, as most of them, if not all (I really do not even want to remember) required a full featured Windows 2K server to even run the trial versions. Although I wasn't running any Linux server at my location then, I had no need for a Windows server either, so I could easily say to not being convinced to pay the license costs for trying out a software at all.

RT came into mind, but it would not have worked for me either as it wanted a dedicated server. Although based on Linux,it demanded a dedicated server - which was what I did not have at hands at those times.

OTRS popped in, and again it wanted a Linux server, but this time no dedicated one. "Apache, MySQL, Perl, I do have that on my Windows box" I thought and pimped OTRS to get it going on that stumpy 133MHz Pentium I owned those days. That process took a "few" weeks.

When I emailed Martin Edenhofer about having got OTRS running on a regular Windows box, his reaction came quickly: "Du Hund, Du" (kinda: "You're a dog, aren't you!"), which was meant as compliment - seen from the point of a native Bavarian. At the first sight of his emailI was a bit repelled, as I'm no native Bavarian - but a search on the internet showed me, that by this accolade he expressed he liked what I had done.

I then built the first version of the Windows installer, most certainly a work I would not be that proud of today, but -hey- people tend to write to me these days longing for help with future versions of it, that I have no real connection with anymore. So the installer, the documentation and stuff could not have been that bad, I guess :-)

Time evolves, and today I run ten instances of OTRS (not including my own), their owners focussing on completely different manners. The overall agent count is about 40000, all instances manage a volume of about 70 GB of data, mostly based on PostgreSQL backends (three of them run MySQL). For sure, every single instance runs on a Linux based system, ranging from SuSE (2) over RedHat (1) to Debian (7). Sorry, no Windows instance under my fingers today. Guess why: It's not(!) the OTRS installer this one is very good...

The last eight years would not have been that successful for me without OTRS. The state I'm in has been so much influenced by OTRS and the possibilities it offered to me and my customers, that I can not refrain from wishing the OTRS product, the supporting AG and the underlying community the best I can.

Keep up the very good work, folks - thank you all!

With highest regards,

Robert Kehl (

Extension III - All you need is CSV (sysadmin tool)

by Torsten Thau

Who did already have the problem, to generate OTRS objects based on a CSV file? I guess everyone of us. ;)

Here is a collection of OTRS extention to exactly make this happen for the following objects:

  1. CustomerCompanyImportExport
  2. CustomerUserImportExport
  3. FAQImportExport
  4. ServiceImportExport

Al these packages automatically create sample mappings upon re-/installation. They provide additional ex-/import backends for customer companies, customer user (import only to writable customer backends), service-definitions, SLA-definitions, service-to-customer-mappings and FAQ-Items (including FAQ-categories). They ease the management of all these OTRS-configurations.

Available via OPAR


Torsten Thau (

* This is the Birthday Party of the OTRS Software (March 11th 2002, was the first official release of OTRS). Later, the Company OTRS AG was founded in 2003. The Open Source Project was founded in 2001 by Martin Edenhofer.
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