In celebration of OTRS 9th birthday *, the community is pleased to publish the following two News/Stories.

Today's News

User Story VII - The Remedy Replacement

by Marco Vannini

My story on OTRS started on a day when there arouse a need to extend our Remedy solution to server our entire enterprise in a production environment.

The needs was to track installation request and fault/failure notice from TEST/QA group. But, for the complexity of the internal work flow to extend Remedy and for the long street to define new tuples, we decided to look around for a in-official, easy to use, clientless tool to use - instead of the corporate trouble ticket system.

After some testing with egroupware, RT and others, OTRS got our attention becasue of it's simplicity in administration, usage, plastic modeling, and obviously it's "costs".

The Proof of Concept, submitted to the internal management, was so successful that the same installation was used 3h later as (internally) official.

Now 3 years later, it's still in use. And, we have used (and most of them are still in use) the ITSM modules, as well, to manage groups of Configuration Items, TimeAccounting to manage/track consultant's presence, the FAQ for knowledge sharing, All that use OTRS are quite happy with it.

Thank you OTRS guys for that.

Marco Vannini (

Extension V - Password Policy

by Eva Muellerschoen

"Password Policy" is a generic extension which works well together with all OTRS AG provided extensions. A SysConfig setting allows you to configure "Password Policy" (see more in the configuration options).

This extension is useful where strong password policies are used, e. g. in CERT environments.

Feature List:

  1. Enforce a password renewal after X (configurable) days.
  2. Password-History to use the password X (configurable) times not to use again.
  3. Min size of the password.
  4. Need min. 2 small and 2 big letters in a password.
  5. Need min. 2 letters in a password.
  6. Need min. a number in a password.


Via SysConfig-Settings (Admin -> SysConfig -> Group "Framework::Password::Policy", Sub-Group "Frontend::Agent::Password").

  1. PasswordMaxValidTimeInDays
    (max. valid days of a password)
  2. PasswordNeedDigit
    (min. 1 digit is required)
  3. PasswordMin2Characters
    (min. 2 characters are required)
  4. PasswordMin2Lower2UpperCharacters
    (min. 2 upper and 2 lower characters are required)
  5. PasswordMinSize
    (min. size of a password)
  6. PasswordRegExp
    (Regular Expression to enhance the password policy)
  7. PasswordHistory
    (used password can not be used configured time)

OTRS 3.0

Just install the package via the package manager.

Available via OPAR


Eva Muellerschoen (

* This is the Birthday Party of the OTRS Software (March 11th 2002, was the first official release of OTRS). Later, the Company OTRS AG was founded in 2003. The Open Source Project was founded in 2001 by Martin Edenhofer.
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